Min blogg om livsstil, restauranger, mode och att handla på nätet

Min blogg om livsstil, restauranger, mode och att handla på nätet

Button Bind

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Button Bind make sure that buttons stay in place forever

Our apparel just got even better thanks to Button Bind!

As a manufacturer of quality apparel, our main aim is to meet market demand when it comes to, amongst other important factors, quality. We spend an enormous amount of time in sourcing the right textiles and other materials in order to design and create the very best clothing for our clients.

The good ripple effect! We found that we were able to have full control of all aspects of our production process. Our clients, and in turn their clients, were more than pleased which created a ripple effect where we cemented our partnerships long term with existing clients whilst also getting new clients. All thanks to the quality in all aspects of the production. However, there was one aspect of which we had no control, as it is for everyone in the industry: the buttons.

99% quality is not good enough Buttons. Or rather, the attachment of buttons. Since nearly the beginning of time of clothes, buttons have been an integral part. Practically keeping things together whilst also being a nice bit of detail, accenting the whole look. However they tend to not stay in place. They are usually the weakest link on an otherwise steady garment and as producers, we've had to accept this like all producers, and alleviated the problem somewhat by discretely attaching extra buttons to the lining, should they be needed. And more often than not, they're needed. Until now.

Good fortune! We've had the good fortune in looking for and finding Button Bind whose sole focus is on producing an innovative solution to make buttons stay in place. In fact, Button Bind even promises that the buttons will stay in place for ever.

Simple and ingenious! Binding a button with a system that is simple to apply and it only takes seconds. It's truly a game changer for the industry and of course, for the end consumer who will have buttons that stay forever, extending the life of the clothes they buy and love. For us, 100% quality is now a reality and we're more than pleased with this truly innovative game changer which Buttons Binds provides us with.

Buttons stay put with innovative solution by Button Bind